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Money Saving Repairs to Gearboxes in Rainham, Kent

Due to the importance of the gearbox to your vehicle's functionality and your safety, it is crucial that any repairs are carried out by a knowledgeable expert. At Star Transmissions, in Rainham, Kent, we are very Experianced gearbox specialists, and have been completing gearbox reconditioning and repairs for more than 20 years. Our workmanship is of the highest quality, and comes with a variable warranty option for your peace of mind.

Diagnosing and Repairing

Wherever possible, it can be financially beneficial to repair a damaged gearbox rather than having it fully reconditioned. At our workshop, we provide a complete gearbox repair service. Customers Can bring their vehicle to our garage in order for us to complete a thorough diagnostic service, or, if preferred, you can provide us your gearbox already removed for us to strip and inspect. The results will then be discussed with the client to detail the issues that have occurred and the different options available to them. By doing this we are able to repair your gearbox to a satisfactory and reliable standard on the parts that are broken or worn ensuring that the rest of your gearbox is in good condition, thus saving you money on unnessacary repairs. unfortunately repairs are not always possible depending on the amount of damage or wear that has occurred, in which case an exchange gearbox may be nessacary 

Gearbox in Need of Repair

Pricing the Repairs

As with all of our services, including the clutch and gearbox replacements, our gearbox repairs are very competitively priced. When you request a free quotation, we will give a price that includes both parts and labour, while fitting will also be included upon request.

Contact us now, in Rainham, Kent, for further details about our gearbox reconditioning and repairs.